Network Auditing

What is Network Auditing?

Network auditing is the process of selecting, qualifying, deploying and modifying our service network. This process helps us control the quality of our offerings and ensures that every transaction receives the highest level of professionalism and expertise.  

Potential Network Members

The Selection Process

Based on various selection methods, the GovGarage team identifies potential network members for a variety of equipment services. These range from installers to trainers to other specialists who comprise the network. 

The Qualification Process

We qualify our network many different ways. We qualify our network by checking with each manufacturer for install, service history, and factory training. We also check things like consumer reviews, web presence, and other factors before we make our decision to add them to our network. There is no published application process and companies cannot pay or otherwise ask to be a member of the Network.


Network Acceptance Rate

Maximum Geographically-Relevant Network Members

The Deployment Process

We automatically choose the closest qualified network member, within 50 miles. If there are multiple qualified network members, we choose up to 3 closest and select the most available member. 

The Modification Process

The best service networks include measures to continuously evaluate their members. Read more about how we ensure quality for the life of your relationship with our company.


Post-Service Survey

If you choose, we contact you after every interaction to ensure that our Network member has exceeded your expectations.

Survey Response Converts to Network Score

Each survey factors in to a member’s Network Score. Survey responses are the single largest factor in Network Score.

Network Score Evaluation

Each Member must remain above the score’s minimum threshold to be eligible for Network membership. 


Network Modification

Members that fall below the score’s minimum threshold have a warning system that ultimately leads to removal from the Network. Depending on the reason for a low score, a Member may be able to rejoin. 

Can I request a member? 

You can always request an organization to perform your service. Let us know who you want to perform the service. If they are already a member, nothing additional is needed on your end. If they are not a member, it usually takes our team 1-2 business days to grant Membership.

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